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Valuable health benefits available below:

Colon cleansing

Keep yourself healthy. Improve your chronic illness.

General cleansing and cancer treatment

A procedure with Aloe Vera and honey that has given good results, also in cancer.

Liver cleansing

Many chronic illnesses vanish after this procedure. Gives more energy and mind clarity.

Kidney cleansing

A simple procedure for cleaning the kidneys and resolve many kidney problems.

Liver cleansing for diabetics

For persons suffering from diabetes, hypoglycemia, stomach ulcers, cancer or Candida to improve any of these conditions.

Cancer treatment mp3

Reduce the effects of your cancer by listening to this mp3.

Malaria mp3

A person suffering from a heavy malaria attack was restored to normal after listening 100 times in succession to this mp3.


Treatment before and after surgery

Makes surgery go more smoothly and greatly speeds up recovery with milder after-effects of the operation.


Treatment before and after childbirth

Remedies to take to make childbirth easier.


Article by the homeopath Peter Chappell on a major, hidden source of body-fat production in your daily food.


Heavy metals cleansing

Eliminate heavy metals from your body with a simple mineral bath procedure.


How to check your bedplace or workplace for noxious radiation.